Frustrated with stubborn body fat? Still don't get why you aren't seeing visible results no matter how much time & effort you put into your workouts & nutrition?

I Will Show You How to Eliminate Stubborn Body Fat, Increase Your Metabolism, & Build Strong, Defined Muscles WITHOUT Starving Yourself Bat S*** Crazy.

Okay, so I'm drinking coffee (hot, black) and I hope you're sipping on something equally as magical.

Now, we haven't formally met but, since you're here, I'm assuming you're not the average Stan or Sally looking for a "magic" fat burning pill or potion or powder or doodad. 

You know, all too well, there isn't a quick fix. And you're happily willing to put your nose to the grindstone to achieve your goals. 

That said, since you're here, I'm assuming you're not 100% happy with your progress. You're doing well and, overall, you're in good shape.

But no matter how hard you workout and no matter how strict you are with your diet, you can't seem to get rid of that last bit of stubborn body fat.

Not to menton, every coach on the internet says something different, and they all contradict one another. So while you're itching to learn and get better, it's frustrating because you don't know which coach is right, who is wrong, which one to trust, and who is just trying to make a quick buck.

Now, I'm also going to assume:

You've tried a bunch of diets and, while many probably worked (especially during the first few weeks), you eventually stalled, hit a plateau, and from there your bodyfat refused to budge. 

You want to get stronger and have more muscle definition but you aren't exactly sure which workouts to follow or what diet is best to get you the best results in the least amount of time.

You're tired of gaining & losing the same 5-15lbs (or more) of stubborn body fat over and over again. Because regardless of how hard you workout and how "clean" you turns into a "yo-yo" cycle that drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

In Other Words, You're Fed Up with Perpetual Dieting. You're Done with Random, Cookie Cutter Workouts. And You're Sick of Not Getting Results That Match Your Effort.

And for good reason. 

Because, aside from wasting your time and money and patience, you know crash dieting, being hungry all the time, and spending a ridiculous amount of hours in the gym every week isn't healthy OR sustainable.

You might be able to do it for a few weeks or a month or maybe even three months.

But not forever.

And you know, just as well as I do, if you can't do something consistently, it's not going to work long-term.

And THIS is Why Most People Are NEVER Happy with Their Body 

Because they go "all in" on ridiculously hard, intense workout programs & nutrition plans for a short period of time...hoping they'll reach their goal by the end, THEN have enough motivation to keep the momentum going.

But it never works that way.

Because the diets are too restrictive. The workouts take too long (and leave you painfully sore for days). And motivation can only take you so far before, inevitably, you burn yourself out.

Not because you don't want to keep going. But because, physically & mentally, you can't.

The Good News Is...

You do NOT have to be insanely restrictive with your diet.

You do NOT have to be in the gym for hours at a time.

You do NOT have to worry about gaining and losing the same weight over and over again.

And you do NOT need to spend a fortune on a personal trainer or nutrition coach to get amazing results.

I'm Going to Show You Exactly What to Do  

Hey :)

My name is Jordan (people call me "J"), and I'm a nutrition consultant, strength coach, and 27th degree black belt in chugging coffee.

I've worked with thousands (literally) of people from every corner of the earth, and spent over a decade studying and applying the sciences of fat loss, strength training, nutrition, & behavioral psychology to develop a fitness system that guarantees your success.

And I don't say "guarantee" lightly.

I've used this system on myself to set 5 powerlifting world records while staying lean year-round.

And I continue to use this system every single day with real people to get real, visible results.

Lisa Lost Over 40lbs

And you better believe she didn't starve herself, go on any crazy crash diets, or do hours of cardio day-in and day-out.

She worked out 3-4/week. She ate an overall "healthy" diet 80% of the time. And she NEVER felt bad or guilty or wrong for enjoying chocolate or ice cream or a burger every now and again.

Chris Finally Got His Abs

When Chris first came to me he didn't think it was possible. He thought he was too old and his metabolism was too slow to ever get a 6-pack.  

He flat out didn't believe me when I promised him we'd make it happen. So now, every time I see him I crack a smile and say, "told ya so."

 Here, I'll Tell You the "Secret..."

It's NOT an expensive pill or powder or supplement or potion.

It's NOT a cleanse or detox or magical fat burning body wrap.

And it's NOT fancy or flashy or expensive or marketable.

Do you know what it is?

I'll tell you.

Well, there are 3 "secrets." So I'll outline each one.

Secret #1: Quick, Effective, No "BS" Workouts (Strength & Metabolic) 

Your workouts should be quick & powerful. In and out of the gym in an hour at most (ideally, less). 

Your workouts should be a mix of both strength and metabolic conditioning. Some coaches say strength is better. Others say metabolic is better. I say, why limit yourself to the benefits of one and neglect the other? 

Strategically including both strength & metabolic work to build muscle and burn fat at the same time is the single best way to get stronger and more defined.

Secret #2: Clear, Straightforward Nutrition Guidelines (With Room for Flexibility)

Your nutrition guidelines need to be crystal clear - no room for ambiguity. People get nervous and anxious around food when they aren't sure exactly what to do or who to believe.

That said, your nutrition guidelines also need to be flexible. You need to have room for "treats'" and foods that aren't necessarily "on plan."

This is where my background in behvioral psychology comes into play.

Anyone can be lenient with their nutrition. It's not all that hard to eat a snickers bar or slice of pizza or basket of fries. 

What IS hard is being strageically flexible. In other words, being able to have the snickers or pizza or fries WITHOUT going on an all-out binge. WITHOUT feeling guilty.

You need to be able to enjoy yourself - guilt free - without worrying about bingeing or feeling like you messed everything up. Because, guess what? You didn't mess up! You just need to get right back on track.

Secret #3: Accountablity, Support, Motivation, & Guidance (ASMG) 

Have you ever gone out to eat with a group of friends or family who aren't as into fitness as you? And when you order a salad or pass on dessert they rag on you? 

They tell you to "live a little," and "one bite won't hurt," and "stop being a buzz kill."

I call these people "depleters." 

Because even though you're making the right choice, the healthy choice, for you...they feel like they have the right to discourage you. To make you feel bad for trying to be healthy just because they don't have the same goals.

Your Environment Dictates Your Success

The people you surround yourself with infuence your emotions and decisions, far more than most of us realize. 

And if you don't have the opportunity to be around people who support, encourage, motivate, and guide you (especially when you need it most) you are wayyyy more likely to fall off track and back into your old habits.

That's why you need to find people with similar interests and goals. People who don't tear you down for wanting to be healthier. You need people who cheer you on...motivate you...inspire you...and push you to be better every day. As soon as you wake up, all the way until you go to bed. Because THAT is how you guarantee success.

Can I Tell You One Thing That Sucks & One Thing That's Great? 

The thing that sucks...

Most people live their entire life without ever getting to a point where they feel 100% completely happy and confident with how their body looks.

Sure, they might love their body and respect it and cherish it.  

But there's almost always a whisper of a voice -- an uneasiness in the back of their mind -- when they look in the mirror and don't feel 100% confident in what they see staring back.

And that sucks. A lot. It's a terrible feeling and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

The thing that's great...

You CAN be 100% happy and confident with how your body looks.

You can. You should. And I want to help you do it.

Step Into My Inner Circle and Get Unlimited Access to My BEST Workouts, Nutrition Plans & Members-Only Accountability Portal. 

For many years I've worked exclusively with 1-on-1 online coaching clients and have had amazing results.

Issue is, that type of coaching is very expensive, so many can't afford it. And there's only so many people I can work with at once, so I wasn't able to help as many people as I wanted.

That was the worst part. Because I didn't get into coaching to be make money. (Lol, if anyone does, they're in for quite the surprise.)

I got into coaching to help people. As many people as I possibly could. And it got to a point where I realized 1-on-1 wasn't the best way to do that.

That's Why I Created The Inner Circle.

Because now you can get unlimited access to my all-time BEST workouts, nutrititon programs, healthy fat loss recipes, and my members-only accountability forum all in one spot.

And, best of all, you get it at a fraction of the cost you'd pay to work with me 1-on-1.

Literally everything you will ever need to burn fat, build musle, get more defined is all available in my Inner Circle including...

  • My Newest & All-Time Best Workouts for maximum fat loss & strength gains in minimal time. These are NOT easy. But, holy hell, do they work. They're quick, effective, and powerful workouts. Straight from my desk to your inbox.
  • No BS Nutrition Guidelines & Metabolic Workouts to quickly increase your metabolism so you get rid of stubborn body fat and prime your nervous system to build lean, defined muscle.
  • Full Access to My 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Protocol which is NOT long-term solution. It's an intense, high level nutrition protocol and if you have a big social event or want to kickstart a fat loss phase with rapid progress to increase can plan to lose 5-8 (+) pounds of fat by the end of 14 days. (Usually $97, this is FREE to all IC members).
  • My Complete Metabolic Power Workout Manual with over 50 hard hitting, high intensity workouts that burn a metric ton of calories in 20 minutes or less. (Usually $114, this is FREE to all IC members).
  • Ongoing Motivation, Accountability, Support & Guidance in the members-only private forum. We keep it small & private -- only IC members are allowed inside -- to ensure all your questions get personally reviewed. 
  • Powerful Mindset & Psychological Tactics to help you develop a healthy relatonship with food, stop yo-yo dieting, and eliminate bingeing once and for all. No more guilt or food anxiety!

What Are Members Saying About the Inner Circle?

You Have Two Options to Choose From Right Now....

Option 1: Keep doing what you're already doing. And if you're seeing great results and you're excited about your progress...don't change it. There's no reason for you to join the Inner Circle if you're already crushing it and are wicked happy with the way your body is progressing. 

Option 2: I take over as CEO of your body and give you full access to my Inner Circle. You don't do any thinking or guesswork. No problem solving or second-guessing yourself. You get unlimited access to, literally, everything you need to burn fat, build muscle, get stronger, more defined, and create a healthy relationship with food.

Both options are valid and, regardless of whether or not you join, I'm always here for you. Always. No matter what.

That said, it's important for me to be forthright and tell you my 1-on-1 coaching program is $500/month depending on the package.

But because the Inner Circle is all-inclusive and the internet makes it so easy for you to access my best workouts & nutrition plans 24/7/ can have all of it for a fraction of the cost, without any long-term commitment, AND a 30 day money back guarantee.

100% 30-Day MONEY BACK Guarantee

If you join the Inner Circle. Give it a fair shot. Test drive the workouts. Run the nutrition plans. And hate it within the first 30 days...I will give you a FULL refund. No questions asked. 

You don't have much to lose. Actually, you have, literally, nothing to lose. 

Like I said, if you hate it I will give you a full refund. And I'll even let you KEEP my 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Protocol ($97 vaue) AND my Metabolic Power Workout Manual with over 50 high intensity, calorie burn workouts that take 20 minutes or less ($114 value).

But don't join the Inner Circle "just because." Don't join because you're bored. Or because "why not." And definitely not if you're looking for a quick fix.

I'm not doing this to get your money. If I was, I'd charge a hell of a lot more. I'm doing this because I want to help you and as many others as possible. That's my goal.

So if you decide to join me in the Inner Circle...

Do it because you're ready to take your body to a new level. To push and challenge your body and mind in ways you've never been pushed. And to look and feel and perform better than you ever imagined possible.

Do it because you're tired of putting in a ton of mental and physical energy without much (if any) visible results to show for it.

Do it because it's about damn time you invested in yourself. Using a system that works. With a coach who cares. And a community who will be there to support you every step of the way.

You in?

If you are, you're probably going to be happy to hear the cost is way less than you think....

When you join the Inner Circle right now, you get INSTANT ACCESS to every workout, every nutrition plan, and the members-only support portal for only $97/month $24.99/month

That's LESS than $1/day. And you can cancel anytime!

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you join the Inner Circle and don't think it's worth your time, I will give you a FULL refund. 

No questions asked. 

So what are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose. Literally...NOTHING to lose. Let's go! 

See you on the inside ;)